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Revolutionize Your Sales Process with SmartyMeet

Discover a smarter way to prepare, conduct, and follow up on your sales meetings.

Let SmartyMeet take notes on sales meetings and share them with your team so you can focus on understanding customers' needs and concerns.


Ultimate Sales Advantage

Revolutionizing Sales Engagement Through Advanced AI

In the fast-paced world of sales and business development, every second counts. That's why we've built SmartyMeet, an AI-powered platform designed to give you the edge you need. From automated meeting preparation to real-time sales enablement features and comprehensive post-meeting insights, SmartyMeet has you covered every step of the way.

Empower Your Sales Conversations

Transforming Interactions Into Opportunities With SmartyMeet

With SmartyMeet, you can take your sales meetings to the next level. Our AI-Driven Empathetic Engagement feature uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your customer's emotional cues and personality traits, providing real-time guidance on how to tailor your conversation for the greatest impact. And with real-time translation into 30+ languages, language barriers are a thing of the past.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Lead With Confidence: Gain the Upper Hand in Sales With SmartyMeet

Knowledge is power, and SmartyMeet gives you plenty of it. Our AI-driven market analysis tools and Predictive Sales Forecasting give you the insights you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Meanwhile, the SmartyMeet Social Selling Advisor helps you tap into the power of social media, identifying potential customer engagement opportunities on these platforms.

Streamline Your Workflow

Simplifying Sales Processes with SmartyMeet

Say goodbye to administrative headaches with the SmartyMeet Virtual Sales Assistant. This AI-powered assistant manages and prioritizes tasks, schedules meetings, and even provides reminders for follow-ups, freeing you to focus on what you do best - selling.


Learn and Improve Continuously

Foster Continuous Growth and Improvement with SmartyMeet

With SmartyMeet, every meeting is an opportunity to learn and improve. Our platform provides personalized feedback based on your meeting performance, enabling you to enhance your skills and performance continuously. Plus, our translated meeting transcripts ensure no details from your meetings are ever lost.

Product Features

Unlock Your Sales Potential with SmartyMeet

Before Meeting

AI-Driven Meeting Preparation
SmartyMeet's AI provides an overview of meeting attendees, their roles, and historical interaction data, ensuring you go into each meeting well-prepared.
Automated Scheduling
Integrates with your calendar to help schedule meetings effectively and avoid double bookings.
Customized Sales Scripts
AI-powered sales script generator creates personalized scripts tailored to individual customers.
Competitor Analysis Tools
AI-driven market analysis tools provide insights into competitors' strategies, arming you with the necessary information to stay ahead.
Training and Development
Interactive training modules and AI-driven personalized coaching enable sales reps to hone their skills and prepare for meetings.

During Meeting

Real-Time Sales Enablement
AI-powered real-time conversation guidance and instant access to relevant data assist sales reps during calls.
Role-Specific Features
Depending on the user's role (sales leader, SDR, etc.), SmartyMeet provides specific features and access during the meeting.
Cross-Platform Accessibility
Fully responsive design ensures that sales reps can use SmartyMeet on any device during meetings.
Live Transcription
AI-driven transcription feature provides real-time written record of the meeting, ensuring no details are missed.
Simultaneous Translation
SmartyMeet provides real-time translation into 30+ languages during the meeting, breaking down language barriers and enabling effective communication.
Tailored Interaction
Based on the personality profile, SmartyMeet's AI provides real-time guidance on how to tailor the conversation to match the customer's communication style, preferences, and personality traits. This can significantly enhance customer engagement and connection.

After Meeting

Advanced AI-Powered Meeting Insights
AI-driven meeting transcription and analysis, along with sentiment analysis, provide comprehensive insights after each meeting
Automated Follow-ups
SmartyMeet automates the process of creating and scheduling follow-up emails, ensuring consistent post-meeting communication.
CRM Integration
Seamless integration with popular CRM platforms allows for immediate updating of meeting notes and outcomes.
Training and Development
AI-driven personalized feedback based on the meeting performance helps sales reps learn and improve for future meetings.
Translated Meeting Transcripts
Meeting transcripts can be automatically translated into the desired language(s) for future reference and review.
Personalized Follow-ups
SmartyMeet also tailors follow-up communication based on the customer's personality profile, ensuring that your communication resonates with each unique customer.

SmartyMeet Benefits

Turn your meetings into an automated knowledge base.

With various features available, SmartyMeet customers benefit from the following main areas:


Informed and Efficient Preparation

SmartyMeet's AI-driven meeting preparation, automated scheduling, and the SmartyMeet Virtual Sales Assistant (Boe) ensure you are always ready for any meeting.


Save Time

AI will generate meeting minutes and formulate agreed next steps, enabling employees to determine which meetings they need to attend physically.


Post-meeting Dialogue.

Technology allows you to share snippets from calls, assign tasks to different team members, and search topics to see which meetings they came up in.


Insights on Leadership

leaders can visualize team progress towards goals over a series of meetings and positive/negative sentiment around a particular campaign or product.


Extension of Your Team

Amazing things can happen when you treat SmartyMeet AI as an extension of your team. We've seen reduced meeting length, increased engagement from each attendee, and an upward trend in positive sentiment.


Overcoming Language Barriers

More and more often, video conferences are held with the participation of people who speak different languages. In such a situation, SmartyMeet AI, as your personal assistant, will translate the entire meeting in real-time.

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