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Revolutionizing Your Hiring Journey

Meet BOE:
Your Trusty AI buddy for Recruitment

BOE is more than just AI – it's your intelligent recruitment partner.
Dive into a streamlined recruitment journey where BOE, our AI guide, optimizes each step, from crafting job descriptions to insightful post-interview analyses.

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Dive into the world of recruitment with BOE


Finding the perfect team member should be more fun than finding a needle in a haystack! 🎉 With BOE, our AI recruitment companion, the path becomes a breezy walk in the park.

BOE guides you through every pivotal step:



Define Who You Need:

Elevate Your Hiring Process with BOE

  • Tailored Descriptions: Let BOE, our state-of-the-art AI assistant, craft job descriptions uniquely suited to your requirements.

  • Seamless Integration: Using an ATS system? BOE seamlessly syncs and ensures every essential detail is effectively communicated.

  • Sales/Team Conversation: If a sales or your team conversation brings unique requirements or roles to light, ask BOE to factor in those insights. 

BOE reduces manual efforts and saves approximately 70% of the time previously spent on job description creation.

A Deep Dive into Candidate Profiling

Initial Scan

BOE's Initial Scan: Candidate Profiling Elevated:

  • Data Collection: BOE extracts insights from a candidate's CV and LinkedIn.
  • Psychometric Insights: Using DISC & OCEAN methodologies, BOE evaluates communication patterns and personality traits.
  • Role Compatibility: Candidate data is compared with job descriptions, ensuring accurate rankings based on role alignment.

Let BOE streamline your recruitment, swiftly guiding you to the ideal candidates.


Tailored Touch to Recruitment Prep


BOE's Pre-Interview Boost

  • Automatic Scheduling (Soon): No more back-and-forth emails. BOE shares a calendar link with the candidate, allowing them to choose a convenient slot, ensuring a seamless scheduling experience.
  • Tailored Questions: Based on insights from the initial scan, BOE generates a set of interview questions that are not just generic but tailored to the candidate's profile and the job description. This ensures a focused and efficient interview.
  • HR Specialist Preparation: For the HR specialists, BOE provides a comprehensive overview of the candidate, highlights from the initial scan. 

With BOE, transform your pre-interview phase into a streamlined, efficient process.

Interview Powered by BOE


Bridging Languages and Leading Conversations

  • Transcription & Translation: Don't let language barriers hinder the process. BOE seamlessly transcribes conversations and can translate them into 45 different languages, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  • BOE Autopilot Option: If desired, switch on the BOE autopilot. Let BOE conduct the interview, ensuring unbiased and consistent questioning, while you observe and assess.
  • BOE's Vast Knowledge: Whether it's technical jargon, industry-specific terminology, or an area you'd like to explore deeper, BOE is equipped to provide information or clarify terms on-the-spot.

Harness BOE's capabilities to make every interview insightful, comprehensive, and effective.


Insightful, Collaborative, and Confirmative


Post-Interview Analysis with BOE

  • Detailed Meeting Summaries: After wrapping up the interview, rely on BOE to provide a comprehensive summary based on the interview agenda. Missed an important point? No worries – just ask BOE, and it will be added swiftly.
  • Collaborative Decision Making: Share the entire interview conversation or just the highlights with your team. This ensures that everyone can weigh in, fostering informed discussions about the candidate's fit within the team.
  • Confirming Initial Insights (Soon): Remember the first scan? BOE revisits those early insights, comparing them with the interview outcomes. It helps in reaffirming the decisions based on consistency in the candidate's responses and the initial assessment.

With BOE's Post-Interview features, transition from conversation to conclusion with unmatched clarity and collaboration.

Comprehensive, Constructive, and Forward-Looking

Decide & Feedback

Decide & Feedback with BOE

  • Feedback & Growth Recommendations: BOE crafts individualized feedback for each candidate using insights from initial scans, interview responses, and HR specialist reviews. It not only identifies areas for improvement but also recommends specific courses or trainings, helping candidates pave the way for growth.
  • Seamless ATS Integration: Effortlessly integrate all data, decisions, and feedback with your ATS system, keeping your recruitment data centralized and up-to-date.
  • Future-Focused Tagging: Beyond immediate recruitment, BOE tags crucial skills and insights from each interaction, building a reservoir of knowledge for prospective job placements and recruitment campaigns.

With BOE, decision-making becomes precise, feedback becomes a growth tool, and every candidate interaction is a step towards future opportunities.


Our Services

High-impact services to take your business to the next level

Explore SmartyMeet's smart video conferencing, SmartySpeech's multilingual transcription, and SmartyAsk's intuitive AI interactions. Seamless, smart solutions for the modern age.


Video Platform


SmartyMeet is a high-security video platform designed for collaboration. Just like Zoom or Google Meet, but with a twist! Integrated seamlessly with BOE, elevating your video calls to unparalleled intelligence and efficiency.




Capture every word instantly with SmartySpeech. Superior transcription lets BOE seamlessly grasp multilingual dialogues, ensuring clarity and understanding in every conversation.


Generative AI


Harness the power of generative AI with SmartyAsk. Guided by BOE's advanced features, we offer human-like interactions, precise responses, and proactive solutions in every task.

Our Plans

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Adaptability is at the heart of our pricing. Find the ideal plan for your unique needs, ensuring optimal communication and collaboration with your BOE AI Buddy.



Basic Plan

Experience hassle-free video conferencing with our free plan tailored for individuals. Enjoy up to 600 mins on SmartyMeet and 300 mins across platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Profesional Plan

Upgrade to the Pro Plan at just €4.99 per month and transform your meetings with 2000 mins on SmartyMeet and an added 1000 mins on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Secure your recordings with a generous 6-month storage capacity


3. Growth & Scale

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Case Studies

Our results speak for themselves

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How we helped YouTube increase app installs by 24% in less than 30 days

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How we helped Google to increase conversion rate on G-Suite by 25%

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