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For HR & Recruitment Leaders

Transform Your Hiring Process with SmartyMeet

Unleash the power of AI in your recruitment. SmartyMeet streamlines your hiring, boosts collaboration, and delivers deeper insights.


AI Revolutionizes Recruitment

Streamlined Hiring - Say Goodbye to Manual Work.

Automate your recruitment process with our AI assistant, Boe. From creating job descriptions based on conversations with line managers, to ranking resumes against job requirements, SmartyMeet does the heavy lifting so you can focus on finding top talent.

Revolutionizing Teamwork Evaluations

Collaborative Candidate Evaluation - Make Teamwork Effortless

Foster a collaborative environment with our unique ranking system. Evaluate candidates against resumes and job descriptions as a team, ensuring a holistic and fair assessment.


Insights Transforms Recruitment

Deep Candidate Insights - Know Your Candidates Better

Go beyond resumes. Gain deeper insights into candidates with our sentiment analysis and actionable insights dashboard. Make data-driven decisions and find the perfect fit for your roles.

Effortless ATS Integration

Seamless ATS Integration - Keep Your Data Organized

Push data to your ATS effortlessly, ensuring all candidate information is updated and easily accessible. Make your recruitment process seamless and efficient.


Global Recruitment Simplified

Global Hiring Support - Expand Your Reach

Break language barriers with our subtitles and simultaneous translation feature. Find talent from across the globe without any communication hassles.

Our Product

Join the Future of Recruitment with SmartyMeet.

With various features available, SmartyMeet customers benefit from the following main areas:


Job Description & Interview Questions Creation

Effortlessly craft comprehensive job descriptions and insightful interview questions. Our intelligent system guides you through each step, ensuring you attract the right talent and assess them effectively.


Resume Upload & Ranking

Upload and rank resumes with ease. Our intelligent platform analyzes candidate information, ranks resumes based on relevancy to job requirements, and helps streamline your recruitment process.


Real-Time Subtitles & Translation.

Break language barriers with real-time subtitles and translation features. Our innovative system allows seamless communication with candidates worldwide, fostering diversity and global reach.


Audio/Video Meeting Recording

Never miss a detail with our audio/video meeting recording feature. Review meetings at your convenience, gain deeper insights into candidate responses, and ensure a thorough evaluation process.


Automated Meeting Summary

Save time and effort with our automated meeting summary feature. Get key takeaways, important points, and candidate insights from meetings without manually sifting through hours of conversation.


Comparative Candidate Analysis

Make informed hiring decisions with our comparative candidate analysis feature. Evaluate candidates side by side based on a range of criteria, giving you a comprehensive view of each candidate's strengths and suitability.


Data Push to ATS

Ensure seamless data management with our feature that effortlessly pushes candidate information to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Keep all candidate data updated and organized, making your recruitment process more efficient and streamlined.


Sentiment Analysis & Actionable Insights Dashboard

Go beyond surface level data with our sentiment analysis and actionable insights dashboard. Gain a deeper understanding of candidate motivations, behavior, and suitability for roles. Leverage this data to make more informed, strategic hiring decisions and find the perfect fit for your organization.


Customizable Meeting Agendas

Customizable HR Meeting Agendas are adaptable outlines for managing HR-specific discussions, from policy updates to employee engagement. These tools help in structuring meetings, allocating time, and assigning tasks, promoting efficient, streamlined, and productive HR sessions..

Start Your Journey
Join the Future of Recruitment with SmartyMeet
Start your journey towards more efficient, collaborative, and insightful recruitment. Try SmartyMeet today and see the difference it makes in your hiring process.

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