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How to Sign up with SmartyMeet?

Our product is still in beta version and only available for Early Adopters. Once approved for the Early Adopters program, you are all set to begin testing out SmartyMeet! As you start, we recommend scheduling an Onboarding Demo with our team so that we can learn more about you and show you some best practices.


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Can SmartyMeet help with an in-person Meeting?

Unfortunately, we don't support in-person meetings, only meetings that happen over video conferencing, which we can then record.

Does SmartyMeet have a mobile App?

No, not yet, but it is on our product roadmap. The app will be available soon.

Can I upload Meeting Recordings?

At this time, users aren't able to upload files themselves, but we are happy to upload recordings for you on a one-off basis.

What Languages does SmartyMeet Support?

At this time, SmartyMeet supports English, French, German, and Spanish. If you'd like us to other languages, please email us at, and we can add it to our roadmap.

How to comply with recording compliance laws in SmartyMeet?

The person recording the call just needs to just inform participants that they’re recording the meeting, but they don’t need to seek active consent. Once informed, participants have the choice to consent to being recorded by remaining in the meeting or deny consent by leaving the meeting.

So be sure to check your own state’s recording compliance laws before recording your next meeting.

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