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For Customer Success Leaders

Get visibility
into customer conversations

Record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations at scale with AI to delight customers, expand revenue, and reduce churn. A leading Conversation Intelligence solution for Customer Success leaders.


Automatic Recordings & Transcripts

Get visibility into customer meetings with automatic recordings and transcripts.

Don’t let another meaningful conversation disappear into thin air. Understand the objective reality of what customers are truly saying.

CRM Integration

SmartyMeet fills out your CRM

Log notes, transcripts, and meetings into your CRM. SmartyMeet lets you focus on the meeting instead of scrambling to take notes.


Speakers & Topics Identification

Listen to more calls in less time with key topics & speakers automatically identified.

Gone are the days of just recording meetings and never listening to them. Go to specific speakers and topics or search for keywords in the transcript to listen to recordings 4x faster.


On-the-spot coaching

Managers can provide coaching and feedback by leaving comments at specific parts of calls. Your team can also flag essential moments at specific time-stamps.


Important information

Find important information fast

Search across all of your meeting notes in one central place to quickly find and recall important information for a particular prospect or client.

Our Product

Turn your meetings into an automated knowledge base.

With various features available, SmartyMeet customers benefit from the following main areas:


Actively Participate

We no longer have to delegate a team member to take notes - the virtual assistant will do it for us so that each participant can be fully engaged and actively participate in the meeting.


Save Time

AI will generate meeting minutes and formulate agreed next steps, enabling employees to determine which meetings they need to attend physically.


Post-meeting Dialogue.

Technology allows you to share snippets from calls, assign tasks to different team members, and search topics to see which meetings they came up in.


Insights on Leadership

leaders can visualize team progress towards goals over a series of meetings and positive/negative sentiment around a particular campaign or product.


Extension of Your Team

Amazing things can happen when you treat SmartyMeet AI as an extension of your team. We've seen reduced meeting length, increased engagement from each attendee, and an upward trend in positive sentiment.


Overcoming Language Barriers

More and more often, video conferences are held with the participation of people who speak different languages. In such a situation, SmartyMeet AI, as your personal assistant, will translate the entire meeting in real-time.

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