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Pricing Plans

Pricing for every need

We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer a range of flexible pricing plans to cater to diverse business sizes and budgets

€45 / mo


Streamlines People & Culture tasks for startup founders in initial business stages.

3 open jobs included
20 Employee Profile Analytics
150 Talent Profile Analytics
5 system users
Unlimited video calls
Outlook & Google Calendar Integration

€29/mo additional job

What’s included:
Elements Image Workforce planning
Elements Image Organizational Culture
Elements Image Recruitment & Selection
Elements Image Internal Communication
€135 / mo


Enhances P&C processes for early-stage companies during critical growth phases.

8 open jobs included
50 Employee Profile Analytics
500 Talent Profile Analytics
15 system users
Unlimited video calls
Outlook & Google Calendar Integration

€25/mo additional job

Elements Image Pre-onboarding
Elements Image Onboarding
Elements Image Offboarding
Elements Image People Operations
€780 / mo


Integrates complex P&C structures in mature companies for efficient management.

50 open jobs included
500 Employee Profile Analytics
3000 Talent Profile Analytics
100 system users
Unlimited video calls
Outlook & Google Calendar Integration

€18/mo additional job

Elements Image Employer Branding
Elements Image People & Culture Strategy
Elements Image Succession planning
Elements Image Leadership

Elevating Startups with Smart AI Assistance

Startup Plan

Boe, the AI Assistant from SmartyMeet, transforms essential business processes for startups, focusing on People & Culture tasks to enhance efficiency and drive growth in early-stage companies

Organizational Culture

Through analyzing employee feedback and engagement levels, Boe could help shape a positive and productive organizational culture.

Workforce Planning (Hiring Plan)

By evaluating current workforce data and future business needs, Boe could assist in developing effective hiring plans.

Recruitment & Selection

AI-assisted screening and selection processes could be implemented, making recruitment more efficient and effective.

Internal Communication

Effective communication channels and content could be managed and optimized using AI analysis.

For Growing Companies with 20-50 Employees


Boe, tailored for early-stage companies, particularly those with 20-50 employees, is an invaluable asset during critical growth phases. Its impact on People & Culture (P&C) processes is profound and multifaceted:


Boe could streamline the pre-onboarding process by automating documentation and initial training schedules.


Customized onboarding plans for new hires might be generated, ensuring a smooth integration into the organization.


Boe could facilitate smooth offboarding processes, ensuring compliance and gathering exit feedback for organizational learning.

People Operations

Overall, Boe would streamline and optimize various P&C operational tasks, making the processes more efficient and data-driven.

Need a custom plan for your business?

We also offer the option for a custom plan tailored specifically to your business requirements, ensuring that you receive a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. With our custom plan, you can take advantage of white-labeling capabilities, allowing you to maintain your brand identity and provide a seamless experience to your customers, coupled with enhanced security features to safeguard your valuable data and protect against potential threats.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key steps in workforce planning to align talent acquisition with business objectives?

  • Workforce planning is a strategic process that involves identifying the human resources required to meet organizational goals. It includes analyzing current workforce capabilities, identifying future workforce needs, and developing strategies to bridge any gaps.

    The process typically involves the following steps:

    1. Identifying Business Objectives: Understand the strategic goals of the organization. This will guide the workforce planning process and ensure alignment with overall business objectives.

    2. Analyzing Current Workforce: Assess the current workforce's skills, knowledge, and abilities. This includes understanding the organization's structure, roles, and the competencies of existing employees.

    3. Forecasting Future Workforce Needs: Predict future workforce requirements based on business strategies, market trends, and economic conditions. This includes anticipating the skills and competencies needed in the future.

    4. Identifying Gaps: Compare the current workforce with future needs to identify gaps. This could be a shortage of certain skills or roles, or an oversupply of others.

    5. Developing Strategies: Develop strategies to address identified gaps. This could include recruitment, training, development, or restructuring strategies.

    6. Implementing Strategies: Implement the strategies developed and monitor their effectiveness. Adjust as necessary based on feedback and changing business needs.

How accurate are the transcript and notes?

  • If you can make sense of it, SmartyMeet will too. We provide state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology enabling high-quality video notes and transcripts.
  • Using proprietary NLP algorithms, we provide several magical out-of-the-box highlights.
  • You can also add your own and customize it according to your business or personal needs. 

How fast can I set up SmartyMeet?

It takes just a few minutes to set up your SmartyMeet account. Just connect your calendar and use the toggles to decide which meetings you want it to join.

Calendar data is mainly used for:

  • Enabling the bot to automatically join your scheduled meetings
  • Automatic sharing with teammates or customers (depending on your settings)
  • Meeting insights (e.g. the participation ratio in a meeting).

You can always turn SmartyMeet off from any of your meetings.

How does SmartyMeet influence my productivity?

Don't just take our words for it. Here is what our customers shared with us: 

  • Companies of different sizes save up to 30% of the collective time by skipping optional meetings and sharing meeting summaries;
  • Recruiters make hiring decisions 2x faster and onboard new team members much quicker;
  • Sales teams increase their win rate by up to 45% and decrease ramp-up time by 62%
  • Startups use SmartyMeet to find product market fit 2x faster with recorded discovery calls and UX research.