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Pricing Plans

Pricing for every need

We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer a range of flexible pricing plans to cater to diverse business sizes and budgets

Free / one user per month

of meeting/mo SmartyMeet
300min of meeting/mo Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams
3 months transcript & Video storage
10 meeting agendas

What’s included:
Elements Image High quality video & transcript
Elements Image Automated meeting summaries
Elements Image Meeting Playbacks
Elements Image Online Meeting recording
Elements Image Calendar integration
Elements Image Meeting agendas
Elements Image Support
€7.99 / per user per month

Try 7 Days for free

4000min of meeting/mo SmartyMeet
2000min of meeting/mo Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams
12 months transcript & Video storage
100 meeting agendas
600min Audio/Video upload.

€0.024 per extra min.

All of Pro+
Elements Image Custom vocabulary (soon)
Elements Image Meeting insights & tips
Elements Image Team collaboration
Elements Image Meeting Comments (Soon)
Elements Image Private meetings (soon)
Elements Image Custom disclaimer
Elements Image Custom bot name (soon)
Elements Image Custom agenda
Elements Image Team management
Elements Image Dedicated support

Need a custom plan for your business?

We also offer the option for a custom plan tailored specifically to your business requirements, ensuring that you receive a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. With our custom plan, you can take advantage of white-labeling capabilities, allowing you to maintain your brand identity and provide a seamless experience to your customers, coupled with enhanced security features to safeguard your valuable data and protect against potential threats.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my recordings, and who can view them?

  • Your meetings are securely stored in a private AWS cloud environment.
  • We enforce end-to-end encryption both for data at rest and in transit, using state-of-the-art encryption protocols.
  • Nobody except you can access your data, unless you decide to share particular meetings with others.

How accurate are the transcript and notes?

  • If you can make sense of it, SmartyMeet will too. We provide state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology enabling high-quality video notes and transcripts.
  • Using proprietary NLP algorithms, we provide several magical out-of-the-box highlights.
  • You can also add your own and customize it according to your business or personal needs. 

How fast can I set up SmartyMeet?

It takes just a few minutes to set up your SmartyMeet account. Just connect your calendar and use the toggles to decide which meetings you want it to join.

Calendar data is mainly used for:

  • Enabling the bot to automatically join your scheduled meetings
  • Automatic sharing with teammates or customers (depending on your settings)
  • Meeting insights (e.g. the participation ratio in a meeting).

You can always turn SmartyMeet off from any of your meetings.

How does SmartyMeet influence my productivity?

Don't just take our words for it. Here is what our customers shared with us: 

  • Companies of different sizes save up to 30% of the collective time by skipping optional meetings and sharing meeting summaries;
  • Recruiters make hiring decisions 2x faster and onboard new team members much quicker;
  • Sales teams increase their win rate by up to 45% and decrease ramp-up time by 62%
  • Startups use SmartyMeet to find product market fit 2x faster with recorded discovery calls and UX research.